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Magdy and his staff were wonderful. Everything was very professionally arranged and managed. We had extra days, Magdy customized the itinerary to suite our liking so we thoroughly enjoyed every...
Petra, Jordan
Described as ‘one of the most precious cultural properties of mans cultural heritage’ by UNESCO and designated as a world heritage site in 1985, Petra truly is an amazing site to see.

Petra is known for being the capital city of the Nabatean people. The Nabatean people were first mentioned in 647 BC, when the Babylonians depopulated much of Palestine. Many Edomites came down from Petra to claim the empty land to the west. In turn, the Nabateans migrated out of the arid Arabian Desert to the lusher and more temperate mountains of Edom, and, specifically to the hills above Petra. It wasn’t long before the Nabateans saw the potential in developing the valley floor. They soon gave up on their traditional occupation of raiding the plentiful caravans that passed and began charging the merchants for safe passage and a place to do business. Petra’s prosperity grew and grew, and at its peak it is said to have had a population of around 30,000. Petra passed from the Nabatean people to the Romans and then the Crusaders and around 1276 was deserted. Other than by the local Bedouin people, it is believed that Petra wasn’t seen for over 500 years. In 1812 a Swiss scholar, Jean Louis Burckhardt managed to enter the area in Arab disguise to make secret notes and sketches. It was then that the fable of Petra was brought to the attention of the world again. Since then tourists have flocked in their thousands to marvel at the red city.