Our Team

Magdy M. Abdel Aziz

Founder & Chairman

Magdy started his travel carrier when he was 19 years old; he was still a student at the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel. First, he worked as a tour representative, then tour leader and after that a tour manager, until he started his own business.

Walaa Ezz El Din

Co-Founder & Product Director

Walaa started her travel carrier when she was 21 years old, after her graduation from the faculty of Tourism and Hotels. Walaa started working as a Tour Operator and after that progressing to an Operation Manager. Until she had started her own business with Magdy. They paired up in the year 2004

MagedEgyptology Tour Guide

Maged, our dedicated Egyptology guide, brings exceptional value to our tours. With passion and expertise, he enlightens guests about the wonders of ancient Egypt, leaving a lasting impression. Maged's engaging storytelling and genuine enthusiasm offer profound insights into the historical and cultural significance of each site.

TamerEgyptology Tour Guide

With over 25 years of Egyptology experience, Tamer is our top tour guide, immersing guests in the mesmerizing realm of ancient Egypt through enthralling storytelling. Meticulous and compassionate, he tailors experiences to individual interests, leaving a memorable impact on all who join him in discovering Egypt's marvels.

BassemEgyptology Tour Guide

Bassem, our dedicated Egyptology Tour Guide, is a true gem in the field, providing exceptional experiences with unwavering commitment. His extensive knowledge ensures informative and insightful excursions, while his attention to detail and reliability make him a trusted guide. Join Bassem for a memorable journey through the wonders of ancient Egypt.

George Egyptology Tour Guide

George, our esteemed patriarch of tour guides, is a gem specializing in luxurious tours. His expertise as an Egyptologist effortlessly unravels ancient mysteries for privileged guests. With captivating storytelling and deep knowledge, George elevates every luxury tour, leaving guests in awe. We're privileged to have him on our team.

John EmadEgyptology Tour Guide

John Emad, our exceptional Egyptology tour guide, brings over 20 years of valued experience to our team, showcasing professionalism, expertise, and dedication in providing exceptional tour experiences. His profound knowledge of Egyptology brings the wonders of ancient Egypt to life for our fortunate guests.

WaleedEgyptology Tour Guide

Waleed, our exceptional tour guide with over 25 years of Egyptology experience, captivates guests with immersive storytelling and profound knowledge of ancient Egypt. Meticulous and warm-hearted, he carefully curates every aspect of the journey, leaving a lasting impression on all who explore Egypt's wonders with him.

AbanubEgyptology Tour Guide

Abanub is a valuable addition to our team, bringing exceptional abilities, fresh perspectives, and a wealth of knowledge in Egyptology.Discover the wonders of ancient Egypt with Abanub as your guide.

Michele Egyptology Tour Guide

Michele, our dedicated Egyptology tour guide, who brings ancient Egypt to life with passion and knowledge. Through captivating storytelling and meticulous research, he immerses guests in the cultural heritage of Egypt, creating exceptional experiences and cherished memories.

SarahEgyptology Tour Guide

Sarah, our expert Egyptology guide, effortlessly brings ancient Egypt to life with her profound knowledge and captivating storytelling. Her passion and warm demeanor create an unforgettable journey through Egypt's extraordinary past.

MansourEgyptology Tour Guide

Mansour, our experienced Egyptology Tour Guide, brings ancient Egypt to life with passion and expertise. His understanding of Luxor and Aswan's archaeological sites, temples, and tombs is unparalleled. With engaging storytelling and attention to detail, Mansour ensures captivating and informative tours.

IbrahimEgyptology Tour Guide

Ibrahim, our delightful local tour guide in Luxor and Aswan, brings humor, kindness, and positive energy to excursions, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. With infectious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge, he leaves a lasting impression, making every moment enjoyable and memorable.

Ahmed MoniryEgyptology Tour Guide

Ahmed, our exceptional Egyptology tour guide in Luxor and Aswan, possesses unparalleled knowledge, immersing guests in the world of pharaohs through insightful commentary and engaging storytelling, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey through the wonders of ancient Egypt.

El TayebEgyptology Tour Guide

El Tayeb, our esteemed Egyptology Tour Guide in Luxor and Aswan, combines passion, warmth, and expertise to enhance the tour experience, creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere. With profound insights into historical sites, his personalized approach ensures a memorable and tailored experience for each guest.

Ahmed RamadanEgyptology Tour Guide

Ramadan, our exceptional guide in Aswan and Luxor, brings ancient wonders to life with unmatched knowledge and passion. His expertise in temples, tombs, and archaeological sites is unmatched. With a warm demeanor, Ahmed guarantees an unforgettable exploration of Aswan and Luxor's treasures.

Hassan Ashour Egyptology Tour Guide

Hassan Ashour, our Egyptology expert, enhances Luxor and Aswan local tours. Clients praise his knowledge and engaging storytelling that brings Egyptian history to life. Hassan's exceptional service and dedication leave clients thoroughly satisfied

EslamEgyptology Tour Guide

Eslam, our new local tour guide, bringing experience, expertise, and a commitment to exceptional guest experiences. With rave reviews highlighting his knowledge, professionalism, and passion, Eslam showcases the best of our local attractions.

MichaelTour Leader

Meet Michael, our professional Tour Leader and Cairo Airport Representative, ensuring a seamless travel experience. With expertise and attention to detail, trust in his deep destination knowledge. Travel with confidence, as Michael is dedicated to making your journey exceptional.

Mohamed AlyReservation Agent

Mohamed, our capable reservation agent, expertly handles hotel and Nile Cruise reservations. His knowledge and attention to detail ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our guests. With exceptional customer service skills, Mohamed is a valuable asset to our team.

MahmoudCairo Driver

Mahmoud, our reliable and skilled Cairo driver, navigates the city's streets with expertise. His in-depth knowledge ensures smooth transportation. With a friendly demeanor and excellent customer service, Mahmoud goes above and beyond to meet our clients' needs, making every journey enjoyable.

AhmadLuxor office Manager

Ahmad, our dedicated Luxor office manager, brings extensive experience and local knowledge. His strong leadership and attention to detail contribute to the office's success. Clients can rely on Ahmad's exceptional customer service for a seamless experience. As a valuable asset to our team, Ahmad ensures smooth and efficient operations in our Luxor office.

SamJordan Office Manager

Mr. Sam, our experienced manager in Jordan, blends strong managerial skills and a tour guiding background to provide a unique leadership approach. Efficiently streamlining processes, he ensures smooth office operations while prioritizing exceptional client experiences with his attention to detail and customer-centric mindset.

AbeerHolyLand Office Manager

Abeer, our accomplished manager of the handling office in the Holyland, with over 15 years of invaluable experience. Her exceptional leadership and organizational skills ensure seamless efficiency. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Mrs. Abeer leads her motivated team to consistently achieve outstanding results, making her an asset to the office's success and reputation.

MustaphaMorocco Office Manager

Meet Mr. Mustapha, our skilled manager of the handling office in Morocco, with over 10 years of travel industry experience. With his expertise, he ensures smooth operations and exceptional service. Trust in Mr. Mustapha's meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of Morocco for an unforgettable journey through its rich cultural heritage.

AmalUAE Office Manager

Amal, our highly experienced Dubai handling office manager, with over 20 years in the travel industry. She ensures precise and efficient handling of all your travel arrangements in Dubai. With extensive regional expertise and strong attention to detail, Ms. Amal guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience for our valued clients.